P&G brandSAVER: Over $113 Worth of Coupons and Some Cool New Innovations

In an effort to make shopping for innovative products effortless and cost effective, the Procter & Gamble Company is proud to introduce the Have You Tried This Yet? initiative, which showcases original products that meet the consumers everyday needs. I was sent a couple to check out myself so let me give you a look at a couple of my faves:

Easily coming in at Number 1 is the Bounce Bar. Seriously I think this may be my greatest discovery since sliced bread for my laundry room! It’s a stick that you put in your dryer instead of softener sheets and lasts up to 2 months. It’s not expensive at all and I’ve found mine last way longer than it says….closer to 5 months. Plus, those come out smelling all great and fresh, totally worth it! I received a free sample a while back and when it ran out went out and stocked up. Loving this innovation!

Secondly, the Duracell My Grid made me do a loud “squeeeee” to Hubby when Isaac opened the box and I saw it. I’ve seen the commercials and it looked so cool and savvy but I was excited to try it out myself. With drop-and-go charging for up to four devices at once, myGrid takes the hassle—and the cords—out of charging your mobile devices. Yuppers, I’m giddy to try it.

Tomorrow, Sunday, October 31, you’ll have a chance to try some of their new innovations too at a discount! P&G will distribute a P&G brandSAVER that features more than $113 in savings on the campaign’s featured innovative products, in local newspapers throughout the country.

I blog with integrity: Yes I was sent some of the products to try but no, that didn’t affect my opinion. I’ve been wanting to blog about the Bounce Bar for a while now. I love it!

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