Perfect Free Item for Operation Christmas Child

I know right, didn’t we just send shoeboxes to OCC, Clair? Yup, we sure did but as my friend Laura said this weekend that just means it’s only 51 weeks til next year’s OCC packing party! LOL! Seriously, right now there’s a FREEBIE at Menards that is soooooo perfect for the shoeboxes that I’d love it if everyone could go do it as it’s one per household and it ends 12/6/09. Here’s how:
  1. Go to Menards and buy 10 packs of Total Tools. They’re on sale for $1.
  2. As they’re free after rebate you need to add other items that total $10 or more. This is easy for me at Menards as Hubs can always use work things or I can grab toys, toilet paper etc.
  3. Spend $10 for Crayolas plus $10 or more for other items plus tax out of pocket.
  4. Grab your receipt and the mail in rebate form by the registers (ask if you can’t find them, they love to help!)
  5. Come home and grab an address label, stamp and envelope. It will take you 2 seconds to complete form and mail.
  6. You’ll get $10 back in a couple of weeks as Menards money.
The pens are PERFECT for shoeboxes. If you don’t want to store them for a year, holler!


  1. I've also started collecting items for next year's OCC boxes.
    The Goodie hair accessories are Free after RR at WAGS (Walgreens) this week. I'm stocking up on whatever freebies I can find.

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