Parent’s Choice Bright Beginnings: Another Reason to Buy Generic


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I love trying out new things especially if it’s going to help me save money on my grocery bill which is why I love trying generics. When Isaac was a baby we cycled our way around different diapers, baby food and formula. Fortunately for me he wasn’t a fussy baby and when I’d finished nursing him, I was able to try out a couple of formulas before we found one we liked. In fact it generally was what was on sale and one of those options was Parent’s Choice.

I have compared ingredients on formula and found them to be exactly the same. The only difference? About $10 in price. That is huge! Even with a great coupon, store bought formulas are cheaper and just as good.

A lot of the time the reason that brand names are more is because of the marketing. If I asked you to name a famous baby lotion brand few of you would say Burt’s Bees or Aveeno. I bet most of you would name the one that our parents used on us: Johnson & Johnson. Does it make it better or simply more well known? I think it’s worth trying the other brands out and watching how much you can save.

If a certain item saves you $1 by buying generic and you switch 20 items in your cart, that’s a $20 savings per grocery shop!

The great news about Parent’s Choice Bright Beginnings is that you can now grab it online here at and save yourself even more money. Yup, Bright Beginnings available at! They’ve even got a cool new look to go with the great prices and have it in all kinds including organic.

So how about you: Have you ever done generic formula? Would you?

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