Painted Mason Jars for a Spring Mantelpiece

Painted Mason Jars for a Spring Mantelpiece 3  

All over Pinterest I’d seen super cute images of painted mason jars and I decided that it was simple enough that even I could attempt it! All you needed was mason jars and spray paint and the end result was adorable.

Armed with this knowledge I hit up our local hardware store and bought a bottle of spray paint in Aqua as our room needs something to make the browns “pop” if ya will!  If you don’t have a store nearby you can buy spray paint online.

Painted Mason Jars for a Spring Mantelpiece 4

Our fireplace is just beautiful and while I love that I don’t love the flat screen tv above it. When Tim built a baby room a while back we both agreed that above the fire was the best place for the tv but sometime I wish I had a pretty mantlepiece to display large items. Alas, I figured the painted mason jars would be a perfect fit and did 2 large ones and 2 quart size.

I had some white gerber daisies laying around as those are my fave spring flowers so I cut them to size added them into the jars and ta-da! This is my Spring Mantelpiece.

Painted Mason Jars for a Spring Mantelpiece

1) With a piece of card or paper covering your table spray the mason jars.

2) leave them to dry a couple of hours before re-coating or doing the bottom.

3) Place some flowers inside like these daisies and display.

Painted Mason Jars for a Spring Mantelpiece 2

Not only were these easy but they’d make a great gift idea for someone!

Another Spring Mantelpiece Idea

DIY Moss Eggs 5 These DIY Moss Eggs were an easy project too!

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