Our Mini-Vacation to Cedar Point: Less Than 5 Hours from Chicago

A few weeks ago Tim and I decided to go see some friends of ours in Ohio and along the way got invited to stop at a couple of really cool Cleveland-are attractions. As Chicagoland is only about a 5 hour journey, it felt like a vacation without us having to travel too far.

The first was to a waterpark about 30 minutes outside of Cleveland called Wildwater Kingdom in Aurora, Ohio. Although the day was a little chilly the monkey had a blast playing in the water and enjoying the numerous kiddy attraction. usually water parks have just a couple of child-friendly activities but Wildwater Kingdom had a bunch to keep him amused.

My only concern was the price at $27.99 a ticket BUT the season passes were crazy priced at only $52.99. Totally worth it!

Waiting in line for the boat ride.

The next day we ventured to Cedar Point. Tim hadn’t been since he was little and I’ve never been. Man oh man is that place huge! It’s like it’s own town with a resort, beach and huge complex of awesome rides and fun activities for kids and adults. As I’m preggo and monkey is just a little peanut, my poor Hubby didn’t get to ride any of the really fun roller coasters or the new Shoot The Rapids water ride. As I’d heard parents complain about the lack of child-friendly rides at places, we were both chuffed to see that there were tons of great rides for the kids which weren’t too shabby for parents either.

So first we tried him on the carousel as I could do that too. He hated it and complained the whole way around. “Oh brother!” I thought, “this is not going to be a great day.”
After the carousel disaster we went for broke and Tim took him on a faster ride. He even had his hands in the air laughing as it whipped around and as he got off announced to me, “super fast, super fun Mummy!” Apparently we mistook boredom for fear!

Good job Cedar Point! We haven’t seen this in 1 1 /2 years: you guys wore him out!

I blog with integrity: While my family and I were provided with tickets to these attractions my opinions remain 100% my own.

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