Operation Christmas Child Testimony: I Packed 16 Boxes

Operation Christmas Child is very near and dear to my heart and to some readers too. To encourage you this week we’re going to be hearing from some people who love it just as much as I do as to how they’ve packed more shoeboxes for less moolah. This is from Christina:

I am a SAHM of two wonderful girls who are 10 and 7 years old. We live in Naperville, a suburb 30 minutes from Chicago that is a little pricey, but through couponing and reading Mummy Deals we are able to live in a very nice area and have me stay at home full time without feeling like we are deprived of anything.

I heard about OCC on your blog in 2009. Like you, I was blown away and I immediately set out to fill up shoe boxes and put them to a good cause. I watched your video over and over, taking notes on the ten ways you can pack a shoe box on a budget. Last year, both of my daughters and I made 10 shoes boxes in about a month’s time on a budget by visiting some of these places:

  1. The dollar sections at Michael’s, Joann’s, Target, and the Dollar Tree. Especially paying $1.00 for one item with several items in the packs.
  2. Happy meal toys in which I have 2 daughters and I also have 2 nephews, so I was able to collect free items for both girls and boys.
  3. Menards, Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, and Walgreens rebates and/or Free after register rewards. Especially the school supplies that you mention in you video.
  4. Kohl’s Cash Coupon Voucher’s when you spend $50 and get back $10. I would usually use those to buy socks and such to fill the shoe boxes.
  5. Hobby Lobby Clearance on Flip Flops. The ones where you can decorate, for around $.10 a piece.
  6. Sample hygiene items from hotels or the travel size bins purchased for free with coupons of course!
  7. Hard Candy that has been drastically reduced after Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.

The big key when doing something like Operation Christmas Child or even any other cause like Toys for Tots or our Local Food drives is Coupons and learning to combine the coupons that you save with all of the deals to be had out there. And yes, Register Rewards, Cash Back, and Rebates all help our dollars go a lot further and help out a great cause in need!

Because of every thing that I have listed and perhaps a few that I forgot to mention, my daughters and I will be packing around 16 boxes this year for Operation Christmas Child . They help me by shopping the deals with me, sorting and packing the boxes, and of course they wrap all of them for me.

It is so wonderful to see both of my daughters get involved even to the point that sometimes when we are out doing errands, one or both will come up to me with an item and say that it only cost X amount of dollars and would be great for Operation Christmas Child . And do you know what? They are always right!

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