Operation Christmas Child Testimony: I Filled 115 Boxes on Unemployment

Operation Christmas Child is very near and dear to my heart and to some readers too. To encourage you this week we’re going to be hearing from some people who love it just as much as I do as to how they’ve packed more shoeboxes for less moolah. This is from Carole:

My obsession with Operation Christmas Child started five years ago. My Daughter, Amelia ( 12 years old then) was elected coordinator for OCC to our church. She started setting goals for us to meet each year and our church family always came through. Our first year our church filled 25 boxes. Last year we were able to fill 263 shoe boxes. With this goal met, we traveled down to NC to the processing center. This is where we both got hooked on Operation Christmas Child. We signed up to be year round volunteers and have been very active in spreading the word of this project throughout our area of NJ.

Filling shoe boxes took on a new meaning for me after our trip to the processing center. I had just lost my job, but I came home from that trip with a goal to fill 100 boxes.

How could I do this and still provide for my family?

  1. I started checking out free sample sites.
  2. I sent letters asking for donations from local businesses, family and friends.
  3. I don’t go shopping without looking for bargains on items for my shoe boxes.
  4. I start in January and store all of my finds in my basement.
  5. Around mid September we start filling the shoe boxes.

I was able to fill 115 shoe boxes while on unemployment. So with a little effort and bargain hunting anyone can fill a shoe box or ten for a child in need.

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