Operation Christmas Child Story and Reader’s Input Needed – Let’s Hear It!

Today is the last day to give your box for Operation Christmas Child. I’ve been so encouraged by the many stories of people packing boxes and enjoying doing it knowing that there are kids all over the world this Christmas who may never have had a gift and this year will get two: A very real practical gesture and the knowledge that Jesus loves them.

Today we finish our series on Operation Christmas Child stories with one from a new friend I met through my OCC experience. If you’ve got a story you’d love to share, a video you uploaded to ShoeTube that you’d like us to see please leave a comment or a link so we can check it out. Bloggers: That means you! Link your OCC blog posts up here or your ShoeTube videos. We’d love to hear!

REMINDER: Today is the last day to enter the ShoeTube contest HERE to win a trip oversees to deliver a box. Oh how’d I’d love one of my readers to win. The entries are low so the odds are good. Hurry HERE and make a video. I promise it won’t take long! I already uploaded mine!

Operation Christmas Child is very near and dear to my heart and to some readers too. Here’s Sindia’s story:

I’ve been involved in Operation Christmas Child (OCC) since 2004 and began serving as my church’s Project Leader in 2006. Just this year in May, I attended a local OCC Celebration Event and discovered that there are year-round OCC Volunteers. So, now I’m the Church Relations Coordinator for Southwest Florida. My privilege is to maintain contact with participating churches as well as introduce OCC to new churches.

In 2004, our family packed two shoeboxes – one girl, one boy. We enjoyed it so much that for 2005, we shopped year around and kept a plastic container in our bedroom to store the few things we found. By 2009, we packed about 50 shoeboxes. Our deal is we buy and pack and my parents donate the shipping money.

This year, however, has been a whole new level for us. The Lord has provided so many great deals that we just kept buying. We also received donations from friends who wanted to help out and found lots of FREE after rebate deals. Our goal was 75 OCC shoeboxes and we ended up with 228 – to God be all the glory! My parents donated the shipping money for the original 75, and the Lord has provided the shipping money for an additional 93 thru friends and family who have adopted one of our boxes. We are still waiting on Him to provide for the rest! I think we need a new plan though to collect the shipping money – possibly a candy fundraiser or find a local business to help us.

I love OCC for mainly two reasons: the blessings on this side of the box and the blessings on the other side of the box. My family is blessed when we give to others. God’s Word is clear about loving and caring for others. Our two boys have grown up with OCC as part of their lives. My oldest actually packed two boxes this year with his money! My little one chose a prize from his school’s treasure box for an OCC shoebox. Giving is part of their lives. The other side of the box is the child that receives the box. It may mean hope and eternal life thru Christ Jesus. The gifts inside the box will not last forever, but LIFE and HOPE in Jesus does!

My prayer is that other would come to love OCC the way we do. We may not all be sent to the mission field, but we can sure reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ while living comfortably in the homes the Lord has provided for us. As a Christian, I believe we are to share with others the greatest gift of all – Jesus Christ.

Coming soon……………………Clair’s plan on how we can budget for this year round!

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