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Operation Christmas Child is very near and dear to my heart and I’ve got boys which is why I love this Race Track Roll.  In February 2012 I got to travel to Ecuador and hand out shoeboxes first hand.  I’ve devoted part of my blog to helping others pack more boxes and blog about frugal Operation Christmas Child finds, easy idea and homeamde ideas under the Mummy Deals Operation Christmas Child section.

First things first, grab something to drink…

I went for a yummy chai tea.  This isn’t a hard project, it’s just nice to have something yummy to drink.

We are actually going to make one of my kid’s favorite toys… a Race Track car roll…  I recently read on Operation Christmas Child’s facebook page that the age group that receive the least amount of shoeboxes for 2-4 year old boys.  This is a perfect project to stick in 2-4 year old boy shoeboxes!  My boys seriously love playing with their race tracks and it’s great to stick in your bag and have handy for when you need two boys to have something to play with quietly!  So without further ado, I present the Race Track car roll tutorial!

Race Track Roll


  1. You will need two pieces of fabric, I prefer a print for the outside and something plain on the inside.  You can make your car roll any size that you want, my fabric was 18 inches wide and 14.5 inches tall.
  2. You will also need black felt for the road and another piece of fabric for the pocket.
  3. For the pocket, I like to use the same print fabric I used for the outside of the car roll.  My pocket fabric measured 6.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall.
  4. I got the black felt in the remnant section of a fabric store, if you got 1/4 yard you would have plenty to use for another project.

For the track and roads, I cut two rectangles and an oval with the middle cut out of it.  My roads and race tracks are never the same,  I’m more of “winging it” kind of girl.  Not really all that helpful when trying to write a good tutorial.

From the black felt cut:

Road 1:  3.25 inches wide, 12 inches long
Road 2:  3.25 inches wide, 5 inches long
Race track (measuring from the widest part) 10 inches wide, 12 inches tall

{I should pause to tell you that it is very hard for me to type measurements without adding “ish” to the end of each measurement.}

1) Lay the road and track on your plain fabric, when you are happy with how it looks, pin the track and road.


2) Next, take your pocket fabric

3) Fold the top and bottom of the pocket down 1/4 of inch and press.  Then sew across each fold.  Place your pocket, I usually like to take a couple of cars to help give me an idea about how much room I will need.  Sew the road and track in place and then pin the pocket, sew down the sides and bottom of the pocket.  Then sew a line down the middle of the pocket. You are done with the inside!

4) For the tie, you can do it a number of ways.  For OCC shoeboxes, I didn’t want to a use a button, I wanted something that wouldn’t come off with lots of use.  You could use bias tape (just make sew the sides of the bias tape and the end so it doesn’t unravel) or you could make a tie with scrap fabric.  I opted for scrap fabric and I’m a big dork and didn’t take a picture of my tie .  Basically I made a little tube of fabric for the tie.

5) I place my tie about 3.5 inches in and 4 inches up from the bottom left corner of the outside fabric.  I had to charge my camera battery, so I finished the first car roll and started a couple more with some fun new race car fabric!

6) The boys are crazy about it!  So back to the tie, stitch it securely to the front.

7) Fold the tie toward the middle (you don’t want to sew over the tie) and pin your race track and the outside, right sides together.  Sew around the perimeter, 1/4 inch seam.  I find it easier to sew if I roll up the side I’m not working on…

8) Leave enough room to turn the track right side out

9) Turn right side out.  Use chopsticks or knitting needles to gently point out the corners.  Fold fabric in the hole, stitch close, and sew a 1/4 border all the way around the perimeter.  Cut threads and add two cars…

10) Place the cars in the pocket, fold the top down to the bottom, roll starting at the end with the cars, tie, and you’re done!  Here are a few I finished…

The newest car rolls were a hit with my boys (please pardon their bed heads and sleepy faces, they just woke up)  My four year old gave the cars a quick test drive and was super excited to get to pick the shoebox the car roll went into.  He loves working on OCC shoeboxes with me, it makes my heart so happy.

Thanks for sticking with me!  If you make a race track car roll, I would love to see it!

Thanks to Leah from Project414 for this  Project414 is a little blog documenting my sewing adventures and things close to my heart.  I’m excited to share with you one of my latest sewing adventures for my boy Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  OCC is one of my most favorite things ever!

(little fine print… please feel free to make all the race track car rolls for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes or gifts, this tutorial is for personal use only, thanks!)

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  1. Great tutorial! I’m sure the little boys who get these will be so excited!


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