Operation Christmas Child Packing Party: The Final Reckoning

Thank you so much to all of you who came out/donated items/prayed for the event. It went sooooo well! We worked hard and packed more than 380 boxes. The exact count will be in soon! We even had items left over to take to the regional center of Living Word Church in Lansing.

Here are some pictures from the event.
Kara and I were so thrilled with the way things turned out and want to say a special shoutout to:

Derya – your fearless chasing down of donations blew me away (and let’s not even start on how you cleared out a local Dollar General of 90% items!)
Tina – without you Isaac would have climbed the walls last week and driven me crazy! You’re an amazing adopted big sis!
Lori – always direct and spot on with wisdom, I appreciate the no messing around approach.
Julie – hands on deck and brought a couple of sturdy guys too, lovely!
Lynda – you couldn’t come so instead you watched my baby? What a great friend!
Amy – Did you seriously get donations of over 900 dental supplies and drive all over to pick them up with a baby? Why, yes you did and you rock!
Jehna – I bet you’ve switched over to bodywash and ditched the soap after wrapping 400 bars in foil then ziplocs!
April – my silent partner in crime, you did a fab job before the event.
Shannon, Lindsay and Jenn – we barely know each other yet you dived in for this fab cause.
Toni and Corrin – You came all the way from the boonies to deliver supplies for us, cheers big!
Brandi – Are your hands still sore from all those crayons?
Laura H – now it’s up to you to count the boxes! You do a great job for those kids.


  1. Was so glad to be part of your event. You all did such a fab job. Hundreds of little ones will be smiling this Christmas! Blessings!

  2. Derya O'Keefe says:

    Thanks for the recognition! I was happy to help. I'm definitely in for next year!

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