Operation Christmas Child June: I Need Beanie Babies And McDonald’s Toys!

I don’t wait until October to shop for Operation Christmas Child. I shop year round and am always planning for it which is why in 2009 I was able to pack 45 boxes for $45! If you haven’t seen it this year I made a video called The 12 Months of Occ’ing about how to shop ahead and be able to do more.

Last year the grand Operation Christmas Child total from Mummy Deals was: 374!!!!!!!!!!! To me these boxes do not just represent a box but a life. A life that this Christmas will know someone loves them and more than that will be reached with the Gospel of Jesus.

These children on the other side of the boxes are very different to most of ours: they sometimes lack basic necessities like running water, food, shelter and clothing. They live in the poorest of conditions and life is hard. Just a small token of love like a shoebox can help them realize that someone truly cares. There are so many stories of whole villages who’ve been impacted through this ministry and I’m privileged to be part of it.

This year I want to do more. My goal is 500 shoeboxes and to do that we have a plan that I’d love for you to be a part of.

This month I’m calling for beanie babies and McDonald’s toys. As a Mum I know what it’s like to be talked into a Happy Meal or a cheap 25 cent toy…only for it to get thrown away the next day. Before that happens would you consider donating your new Beanies or Happy Meal toys? Kids in different parts of the world will really appreciate them and we can add them to our shoeboxes with all the other goodies. last year a couple of readers donated entire collections of these and honestly, that would be FAB! Please drop them off at one of our 4 drop offs in NWI.

For the rest of our year-round plan, check this out!

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