Operation Christmas Child *HOT* Giveaway: Enter To Win An All Expenses Paid Distribution Trip!!

Those of you who’ve been around Mummy Deals for longer than 2 seconds know how much I LOVE the ministry of Operation Christmas Child . In fact some of you may be getting sick of me harping on about it but here’s why I do it:

For over a year now I’ve blogged about Operation Christmas Child and the amazing things they do for kids all over the world. I LOVE helping you, my awesome readers, out and I LOVE giving to good causes. For over 10 years my Husband and I have participated in this organization by each year setting ourselves the goal of packing more boxes. But when I started blogging about them I always hoped it would become something more. Something that I could really help out with. For a year I’ve been determined to raise awareness and help more people pack more boxes. I’m thrilled to give back.

When Operation Christmas Child approached me to be a 2010 Blogger I was giddy with excitement. What, blog about something I already love and help more people?! Isn’t that what this is all about? So I joined the group of other ladies and together we’re blogging our reasons why we love Operation Christmas Child .

More than that though……I’ve got something VERY, VERY cool to giveaway. In fact, the BIGGEST giveaway this site has ever seen! You see through us Operation Christmas Child is giving away a trip to go on a distribution trip! I don’t know about you but I’ve always wanted to do that!!! Can you imagine handing a simple shoebox to a child with nothing? Can you imagine the delight as he “squeeees” and “whoops” for his first pack of crayons, his first pair of flipflops or baseball hat? In fact as I write this I’m starting to tear up. My son (Praise God!) has never had to go without. Sure he’s not had the Disney vacation yet and doesn’t get Happy Meals every time but he’s never gone without food, water, clothing or other basics that the children that OCC delivers boxes to go without that regularly.

What ya gonna win?
One person will win an all-expenses paid trip to go distribute shoeboxes outside the US sometime at the end of January/Beginning of February. Can I get a woot????!

So how do you win?
Operation Christmas Child has set up shoetube again and they’re asking for your videos. They want videos around 3 minutes in length – it’s up to you what kind of videos you want your to submit as long as they pertain to OCC! They can be about a packing party, shopping at a local store, how-to-pack-a-shoe-box, a music video, or anything really. It ends 11/22/10

We want lots of entries here because I’d love it if a Mummy Deals reader won the trip! I’d be “squeeing” too!

Please go over Operation Christmas Child and enter a video asap then leave us a comment that you did. Once you do that we can post it to my Facebook page, Twitter site so that your video gets lots of views. How cool would that be? Make sure you go through my link HERE as this is an exclusive contest!

Honestly, a distribution trip would be my dream and if it’s yours, I really really hope you win! So, what ya waiting for? Go enter HERE now!

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