Operation Christmas Child Homemade Purse

If you’re looking for a frugal item to add to your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, then my dear friend Tina came up with this adorable purse. You can use scraps of material lying around or buy new inexpensively. Get your kiddos involved and crafting too.

You will need
3 equal size fabric squares
1 or 2 closures (buttons, sew-on snaps, or sew-on Velcro).

1. Fold one square in half, right side over on itself, and sew the two short sides together, leaving the long side open (Fig. 1). Turn right side out and press (Fig. 2).

2. Hem one side of second square (Fig. 3)

3. Sew rough edges of folded square to side of third square, right sides together (Fig. 4). Unfold and press flat (Fig. 5)

4. Sew second and third squares, right sides together, on three sides, leaving top open (hemmed side of square 2 and sewn side of square 3) (Fig. 6). Turn right side out and press (Fig. 7).

5. Fold ‘flap’ over, press, and sew on closures (button holes and buttons, sew-on snaps, or sew-on Velcro)

We came up with a cheap wooden bracelet and homemade purse for OCC too so check them out!

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