Operation Christmas Child Homemade Notepads

You know all that cheap paper that goes on sale  for Back to School deals?  Or the scraps you have laying around at home? The kind you’ve dismissed as not just right for your kids or not necessary? Well, good news: I NEED it!  Here’s why:

When we pack Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes we like to add coloring pads or paper for the kids to draw on. Although some people will add whole filler pads I thought it’d be a better fit to add something a little smaller but as a little smaller is usually more expensive I came up with this solution and it’s super easy.

Take a bunch of filler paper/old pads or anything laying around the house that needs a home.  The cheap multipurpose paper  works great too!

I was giddy when I hauled this at a garage sale.  I hit up a teacher sale and found cute stationary (just 10 cents per pile) and odds and ends for a teacher board (10 cents per pack).  I knew I could make something cute!  This all cost me around $2!

Simply cut a bunch of the 8.5 x 11 into quarters, punch a hole in the top left, tie a ribbon and voila! A cute pad!  Feel free to embellish yours with designs, stamps etc.  I’m gonna pass mine to someone more crafty to do that ;)

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