Operation Christmas Child Ideas For 10-14 Boy

Here are a few ideas to pack in a shoe box for a 12-14 year old boy.  I asked a 12 year old friend to help me out with this.  Thanks Tim!

  1. Balls, bouncy balls and inflatable balls (25 cents at Old Navy and find them in favor packs at dollar stores)
  2. Yo-Yo’s and directions of tricks
  3. Origami Kit or blank paper and folding directions
  4. Paper for paper airplanes and instructions.
  5. Empty containers
  6. Kites (these can often be found at dollar stores or clearance sections)
  7. Some of the McDonald’s toys are still appropriate
  8. Crayons, blank paper, pencils & sharpeners
  9. The games from the travel section
  10. Marbles and the directions of how to play
  11. Techdeck Skateboards or similar toy
  12. Toothpaste, brush, deodorant, soap and candy (sneak some from your kids’ stash!)

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 Operation Christmas Child Homemade Ideas 


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