Operation Christmas Child 2012 Plan

I don’t wait until October to shop for Operation Christmas Child. I shop year round and am always planning for it which is why in 2009 I was able to pack 45 boxes for $45! If you haven’t seen it this year I made a video called The 12 Months of Occ’ing about how to shop ahead and be able to do more.

Last year the grand Operation Christmas Child total from Mummy Deals was: 700!!!!!!!!!!! To me these boxes do not just represent a box but a life. A life that this Christmas will know someone loves them and more than that will be reached with the Gospel of Jesus.

These children on the other side of the boxes are very different to most of ours: they sometimes lack basic necessities like running water, food, shelter and clothing. They live in the poorest of conditions and life is hard. Just a small token of love like a shoebox can help them realize that someone truly cares. There are so many stories of whole villages who’ve been impacted through this ministry and I’m privileged to be part of it.

This year I want to do more. My goal is 1000 shoeboxes and to do that we have a plan that I’d love for you to be a part of. We’re doing it a little differently and are going to break it up into bite-size chunks. If you live in Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland we need people to head up different departments and get donations. Would you consider helping?

Current Needs

  • Volunteer hotel person to call hotels and ask for soaps, pens and pencils.
  • Volunteer promotional items person to hunt around for promotional items.
  • Volunteer craft person to think of the best ways to get people making homemade items.

We’d love for help in these ares so please email me at mummydeals at yahoo if you can help!

February: Valentine’s toy/hard candy clearance

March: Toiletry drive.
Call local McDonalds for donations.

April: Easter clearance.
Call for Easter candy.

May: Request for homemade items.
Ask for garage sale donations.

June: Book drive.
Unused garage sale items requested.
Call local McDonalds for donations

July: Sock/new clothes drive.
Garage sale to raise money for shipping costs.
If anyone is having a VBS: everyone brings a new toy.

August: School supply drive

September: Shoe box drive.
Call local McDonalds for donations
Hotel toiletry drive.
Dental supply drive.

October: Clothing drive.

November: Packing party

December: Toys and wrapping paper drive

Are you a church group or a volunteer coordinator? Need more ideas on how to budget for OCC this year? Please email me, I’d love to help you develop a year round plan and am available to speak to your group.

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  1. Hi! I recently started an OCC blog for our area (having just become a volunteer this Nov) in LARGE part to YOUR blog which I found while surfin the net. Love this post.. and I am already excited for the next year! You have my mind awhirrin.

  2. Is this only for that specific area or can those on the East Coast help too?


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