On Why I’m a Box Reader

When I first buy the box I’m checking three things: High Fructose Corn Syrup, MSG and Water added but once I get it home and before it hits the garbage I make sure I read a little more:

Sure you can get coupons from the newspaper, you can get them from onlinehere, here and here but another great way to get coupons for a certain product is from the product itself. I remember when Simple Harvest first came out and inside every box was a coupon for $1 off your next box. As they were promoting the product many stores had the boxes for cheap anyway and with such a high value coupon, you could get a great deal on the bars.

Before you throw a box in the recycling, open it up quick and check inside. My friend Kara commented recently on how she’s always searching for coupons on the inside and that it’s where she often finds high value ones. The thing I’ve found with in-box coupons is that they’re often got long expiration dates with dates a few months from now.

The second reason I read my boxes is to check for Box Tops for Education or Campell’s Label’s for Education. These programs can help your school earn money and even though it’s a little hassle to clip the Box Top or Label, I’d highly encourage it and give your school some “free” money!

What do you like to find in the box? What’s been your favourite/highest value coupon?

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