On A Personal Note

Many of you remember me announcing my pregnancy a while ago. I just wanted to let you know that I’m due 2 weeks from yesterday! Although I still want to be around here a lot, I just can’t. Napping and getting ready are taking precedence so I’ve already started to slow down.

Please bear with me in this next season of excitement and adjustment and any prayers for a smooth transition for Tim and I and my little guy Isaac would be appreciated. While he likes the idea of Baby Brother in my belly, we’re praying that he adjusts to the reality well too!
For the next few weeks thanks to a lot of awesome readers and grocery helpers, you shouldn’t see too much interruption. That’s partly due to me being crazy organized two months ago with planning fun things in the next 2 months and for a dear friend, Lisa, for helping me out on some back end stuff. Yes, those of you who are wondering why I’m suddenly into the Boilermakers can now be put at ease that it is in fact Lisa!!

So, I’ll still be available on here but here’s what I’m hoping:
**Instead of emailing me a question, post a comment on Facebook. I have some awesome readers ready and willing to help you out!
**If you’re on my Facebook page, feel free to chime in, post great deals you find and converse. I’ll be on there more than here as it’s easier (read: I can check on my phone!) You can get to my Facebook page through: www.facebook.com/mummydeals.org

Thanks for understanding!


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