Olive Garden: 2 For $25

Who loves Olive Garden? I know that I do and right now is the perfect time to get hubby to take you out to dinner. Olive Garden is running a 2 for $25 promotion special. Choose from a variety of entrees` and get free soup, salad and breadsticks.  See the available entrees`.


  1. Christina says:

    I don’t know if this helps anyone but. Meijers has a buy 25.00 gc deal right now. If you buy a 25 dollar gc you get 10 dollars off of 3 pkgs. of Fruit of the Loom basics. One of the gift cards listed is Olive Garden. So if you’re thinking of getting new undies and socks for your kids for back to school this is an opportunity. And an excuse to go to Olive Garden. LOL


  1. Meijer Deal says:

    […] (and an excuse to go to Olive Garden!!) Thanks Christina for the heads up! See my post on the great Olive Garden coupon out right […]

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