Off-Peak Hours at NIPSCO

One of my kind readers, Diane, called NIPSCO last week and asked if they had peak and off peak hours, meaning you get charged twice as much during peak times than you do during off peak times and they said there was no such thing. However after a bit of searching online, here’s what she found which was confirmed by my mother-in-law:

Summer times:
PEAK: M-Sat 8am-11pm
OFF PEAK: m-sat 11pm-8am, all day Sunday and major holidays

Winter times:
PEAK: m-f 8am-11pm
OFF PEAK: m-f 11pm-8am, all day Saturday and Sunday and major holidays

In other words you want to run your dishwasher, washer, dryer, appliances if at all possible during the off peak times.

Another mom also suggested running your thermostat higher at night, and lower during the day. The heat at night will last a while during the day.

In 2005, in the winter during peak times we were charged 4.3 something per kilowatt hour and during off peak times it was 2.2 So just think about what it is now in 2008!Delete

Thanks so much, Diane, for sourcing this! This is GREAT info!


  1. Thanks for all your info on here. We thought we would try & see if doing laundry & running the dishwasher during the so called "off-peak" hours would do anything fo us. Well to our surprise we saved aprx $40 for that month. Maybe it was the weather etc. but we saved the money. I do believe running things during offpeak times has realy helped us out. Keep up the great website..

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