Where To Buy Organic Meat in Northwest Indiana

Organic Meats Northwest Indiana

Recently I asked friends on Facebook where to buy organic meat in Northwest Indiana. It turned out to be THE most commented on post I’ve ever asked so I figured if you live in northwest Indiana you may want the findings on NWI meat deals! Here ya go:

11 Places to Buy Organic Meat in Northwest Indiana.

1) Zaycon

We have personally got all natural chicken from Zaycon before and it’s SUPER inexpensive! Zaycon Foods is a privately owned company based in Spokane, Washington. The company was founded in 2009 with the simple mission to bring farm fresh meats direct to consumers at wholesale prices. So we asked ourselves: “Why are there middlemen involved? Why aren’t we just getting this food directly from the farms to the people who are going to eat it?”

2) The Pork Shop Grovertown

There is a Pork Shop/Yankauskas Farm in Grovertown, IN and they have a website. They hand mix feed and use no antibiotics. All the feed is grown on property. Grass fed until the last month. No hormones or antibiotics. The pork shop and beef farm both also sell 1/2 and whole animals for a certain hanging weight (around $2/pound for whole animals)…it ends up being cheaper but more up front.

3) Miller’s Amish Chicken

Kroger, Walt’s and some other stores carry an Organic Simple Truth brand now or if you can find Miller’s Amish Chicken – that’s Indiana raised chicken on Amish farms.

4) Organic Garden and Food Buying Group of NWI

This is a local coop run by a reader, Janel. Check out the OGFBG website. The Hang weight $1.00 per lb plus processing which is .35-.45 per lb organic pork. We also have a weekly delivery to with fresh eggs

5) Sanders Dairy in Chesterton, IN.

This is Only open daily from 8-10am and 3-5:30pm. Closed on Sunday mornings and holidays. 219.926.3230 and address is 3 East 900 North. Very easy to get to off the toll road.

6) Honored Prairie

My friends Josh and Wendy have bought from Honored Prairie. They are a group of farmers mostly in Indiana. 100% grass fed beef. No grain finishing. Good quality, but not “cheap” although they do have a Munster Indiana drop off. Their beef is at $2.90 lb plus processing .35-.45 per lb.

7) Produce Depot.

This hip and happening store in Dyer, Indiana has started carrying organic meats also.

8) Sheldon Meats

There is a butcher in Hudsonville, Michigan and it’s about $2.35 lb hanging weight. They are great to work with.

9) Brunos Organics Home Delivery

Brunos Organics Home Delivery is local and they deliver for cheap although their stuff isn’t that cheap but you can also get raw milk from there.

10) Nature’s Choice Farm

Nature’s Choice Farms is Pasture Raised Poultry, Pork, and Grassfed Beef

11) Butcher Block

The Butcher Block in Lowell,In. It’s no grease, grass fed

12) Family Farms

Family farms co-op are out of Michigan but they deliver to Cabela’s parking lot


  1. Can you tell me where I can find eggs . I want the kind where the chicken eat worms, grass and not lock up. I am in Merrillville IN
    grace & Peace

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