Number of Coupons in Newspapers

Newspaper coupons. Love em or hate em they’re one of the best places to find great coupons and recently one of my readers sent me an interesting email she sent to a local newspaper. Thanks Cindy!:


I subscribe to three Sunday papers, mainly for the coupons. I get the major metropolitan newspaper (far superior coupon inserts than the rest) and two local papers the Post Tribune, and the Times.  Today, 9/9/12 I received only ONE coupon insert in the Times. TWO inserts in the Post Tribune, and THREE in the Chicago Tribune.
I am wondering why I did not at the very least receive two inserts from the Post?


Thanks for contacting me. I assume you mean to say that you are wondering why you didn’t receive two inserts from The Times vs The Post. Each of those coupon books are different customers. One chooses to run with us and the other does not despite many attempts on our part.
The difference in coupon book sizes (like you see in bigger papers) is also a choice of the advertising customer. Generally, in larger markets like Chicago where the Chicago Tribune has the majority of their circulation, you will see larger books. They must supply them with enough quantity to reach into the NWI market. We have tried to change that decision as well.  Beyond an explanation, I apologize that I can not help you more. There is a customer service number on the SmartSource piece that you can call. The number is 800-727-2695.

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