Noticeable Jewel Deals thru 8/5/09

Here are some of the best deals I’m spotting. I want to keep covering Jewel deals but feel like Couponers Wanted is doing a great job as a forum of discussing the hot deals that it almost makes these worthless. Sorry guys I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now so if you like this section please holler!!!

There’s a GREAT catalina going on right now with GM/Unilever/Dr Pepper products 7/29/09-8/12/09.
Spend $30 or more in participating products and receive $15 on your next shopping order. There are many scneraios that are working to make for really cheap groceries but my mind is not in gear so please help me out and leave comments! This should work though:
Buy 5 24.5oz Go Fresh Therapy or Natural Moisture Therapy shampoo or conditioner at $4.99. Use $1 from RP 6/7/09 or $1 off here
Final Price: free plus overage!

Cottonelle bath tissue 6 double roll 3/$9.99
Use $.50 from SS 7/26/09
Final Price: 3/$8.49

Kellogg’s pop tarts 5/$5 when you buy 5
Buy 10 and use $1 x 10 from RP 6/7/09 (it expires 8/2) or here
Receive $10 back from Fuel to School
Final price: Free plus $10 overage!!!

GM cereal 4/$10. Buy 4 and get a FREE gallon of milk catalina
use $1/2 here or from SS 6/14/09
Final price: 4/$8 and FREE milk

3 Day Sale
Starkist tuna $.50
Chips ahoy! $1.88
24-pk pepsi products $3.77

Other Deals:
California red seedless grapes $.77#

Unadvertised Deals

I spotted the Physician’s Formula MIRs, the Sure MIR, and the Pert MIR at Jewel.

New to Jewel? Check this out first!
To obtain coupons, you can check out my coupon bar here.
There is also a great service where you can buy coupons for super cheap. Check it out here.

Gathering deals for the Grocery Gathering.


  1. Clair,
    I LOVE the Jewel deals. Do you have details to post on this catalina to show which products are involved? I have been reading about it and cant find a full posting.

  2. Cheryl Hill says:

    I think you made a typo (I HOPE!!!). Your heading says "Noticeable Jewel Deals thru 7/5/09" Isn't it supposed to be 8/5/09? Can't wait to see what deals you ladies come up to utilize a $15 catalina!!!!

  3. Where are you finding a poptarts coupon on I may be blind, but… 🙂 Thanks!

  4. I look at this section and appreciate it.

  5. Please keep going with the Jewel deals, I love them and they (plus the Ultra foods deals) were one of the reasons I was thiriled to find you blog. I tried to work some out myself last week and was a dismal failure. You ROCK!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like this section – I get too overwhelmed on the other sites, it's nice to see a smaller post that just tells me what to buy 😉

  7. The Unilever deal is a double dip on two different catalinas, one for any unilever product (spend $30 get $12) and unilever beauty products (spend $30 get $15). Only certain products apply. I double dipped x 2 and got $54 in catalinas. I have the upcs on my blog. It's sort of complicated but if you do it exactly right you can make $ on it.

  8. I look at the deals all the time and really appreciate your effort.

  9. I love the Jewel deals. If you can find the time I would love to keep seeing them on your blog!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Holla! You said to holler if we liked the jewel deals. I do. I also happen to like the Ultra deals. I totally understand being overwhelmed, so no guilt, but I have not seen them in a couple of weeks. Is someone else taking on that one for the grocery thing a ma bobby? Do you shop at Ultra? We have Town and Country but they seem to work with the same ad each week.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I found you while searching for a good Jewel blog site. And I too have missed the Jewel posts. I agree with Anonymous that other couponing forums can be overwhelming. I really appreciate that you take the time to post a summary and the best deals.

  12. Mercedes says:

    The potarts coupon is $1/2 not $1/1. They are still free after coupon and rebate.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Please keep doing the Jewel deals. Your website is so much easier to read than some of the other ones out there.

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