Northwest Indiana Christmas Light Displays 2012


This post has been updated! Please see Northwest Indiana Christmas Light Displays 2016 here

There are lots of holiday light displays all over the country and this is a list of Northwest Indiana Light Displays. Thanks to several of my friends for contributing. Please, please leave a comment if you’d like to add anything.

Crown Point

1) Add this to your winter bucket list…. Tune your radio to 104.9 and drive by the Griswold abode on Greenwood in Crown Point. Guaranteed to make you chuckle and bring Christmas cheer! Head south on Main st. towards hospital. When you get to Main and Greenwood, before hitting hospital, turn left. Just keep driving it will be on your right hand side. You can’t miss it. But if you hit Indiana you went too far. Visit Easto Holiday Light Show Facebook page.

2) Candy Cane Lane other wise know as Holton Ridge st, a short cut-de-sac a few blocks west of Main Street. Candy Cane Lane in Crown Point is on Holton Ridge. Turn west at the Army tank on Main and go a few blocks down; south on Holton Ridge. It’s a cul de sac & most of the houses are decorated.

3) There are a some incredible houses off of 123rd in Winfield in a subdivision, including a house that looks like the Griswald’s!

4) The Gard’s House in Crown point. Don’t know the exact street it’s on, one street east of square and head south.

5) This VanProyen’s Christmas light display is animated and blinks to the music. Northwest Indiana Christmas Light Displays don’t get much better! The music is broadcasted over the radio on 99.1 fm. 9824 McKinley Street, Crown Point, Indiana 46307 or visit the Light Up McKinley Facebook page.

Cedar Lake

141st place in Cedar Lake 2nd house up the st… you can see from Morse


One in the back of a subdivision in Dyer, off 77th on Lancelot Lane. Close to the railroad tracks, you can see it from 77th.


1) Candy cane lane in the Lakeside subdivision in Highland.

2) Take Kennedy to 41st street and head east. Go just about two blocks past the highland High School and you can’t miss it! Plus we’ve gone by a few times and Santa was outside talking to the kids.


Peteyville in Hammond on Crane is 4 houses in a row all decorated for Christmas. We went last year and it was well worth it.

St. John

Kamp lights are one of the best Northwest Indiana Christmas Light Displays and worth a visit as it’s set to music. Visit the Kamp Lights Facebook site for more.

St. John Festival of Lights on 93rd st west of rt 41.


1) Emerald ridge in valparaiso is having a light contest so lots of homes in here with lights. Including my house…we are the Griswalds. Lol. 2854 Arran Quay Terrace, valpo

2) Valparaiso sunset hill and there is a house in valpo off Oakgrove that has lights to music.



  1. Checkout 4 W Elizabeth in Schererville.

    All to music 91.3
    Singing Trees
    Singing Santa Clause
    Mega Tree
    50+ blow molds


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