Northwest Indiana 1 Hr Massage $29

Groupon Chicago is a GREAT deal for Northwest Indiana folks: Massages at Health Inspirations Highland or Priority Wellness in Lowell. They start at just $29 for a one hour massage (merry Christmas to Hubs – shhhhhhh!) Head to Groupon here for the dealor go HERE to sign up. Thanks for using the links! It’s under the “gifts” section.
For $29, you get a massage package (a $100 value). The package includes:

Pain consultation (a $40 value)
One-hour massage (a $60 value)

For $39, you get a chiropractic-exam package (up to a $245 value). The package includes:

Complete chiropractic exam (a $65 value)
Consultation (a $40 value)
X-rays if needed (an $80 value)
One-hour massage (a $60 value)

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