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I am so happy if you never knew there was this crazy frugal world out there til you found my blog. So happy. Coz it means that you’re now saving tons too and sharing bargains is always fun. I just wanted to address a couple of recent newbie questions, for more scoop my dear friend, Amy, and I did a Q&A called Newbie Help when she first started doing all this couponing that may be helpful and is in the archive list. Anyhoo:

Stacking Coupons
Q: When you talk about stacking, can you stack 2 manufacturer’s coupons?
A: No. You can only use 1 manufacturer’s coupon but you can stack it with a store coupon. For example if WAGS has Colgate for $2 and they have a WAGS $1 off coupon and a manufacturer’s $1 off, you can stack together to make it free. Stores that have their own coupons included: WAGS (instore or online), CVS (in store, online or sent via email), Meijer (Meijer Mealbox), Jewel (Jewel Avenu), Target (online and sent via mail)

Q: Will CVS or WAGS give you the change back on the coupon if the item is worth less than the coupon?
A: No. They won’t literally give you change but you will usually get overage. This depends on the WAGS or CVS though I have to say that CVS usually will whereas WAGS doesn’t. It doesn’t hurt the store as the manufacturer is sending them the coupon value. If your coupon is for more money than the product make sure you add something else to your order. Spot fillers in the store that you can grab. They’ll end up being free plus you’ll get the coupon item for free and it’s a win-win. A great filler is $.79 pretzels at CVS or cheap stationary at WAGS.
Because of the ECB and RR systems, there’s more opportunities to make overage because although you may pay $3 out of pocket after coupons you may get $5 back thus $2 overage. Not literally 2 BUCKS but money at those stores thus overage.

Q: What in the world is an RP? Or an SS? Clair, is this British??!!
A: Most of us speak a new language called Frugalite and the key to speaking it is here so you can become “one of us”!!!!!

HTH! Please email me newbie questions so I can address them like this for everyone.

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