New Mom Guide: Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

If there’s one thing I recommend to all new Moms it’s this cute little device right here. It’s the Munchkin teething feeder and it’s ridiculously cheap for how awesome it is! Ya see, in my opinion whoever invented the teether had never had kids. Trying to get your baby to fit one of those in his mouth is like watching your little one try and fit a whole fist in: it just ain’t gonna fit. But the teething feeder is a small netty bag that allows you to add pieces of ice for them to teeth on or fresh fruit and vegetables. When Isaac first started on solids we’d sit him in his chair with us at dinner time and give him whatever vegetables we were eating in that. He got fresh veg, we got silence and all was well with the world.

As he got older I added meat, potatoes and vegetables (at one point altogether for a shepherd’s pie!) and he loved it. now Chase is getting old enough I’ve already started adding things to it for him to chew on. it’s great because the holes are so small so they can’t choke on a seed or anything.

Yay for Munchkin! Yay for the Teething Feeder!

PS There are other brands.  They are not worth it in my op!

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