12 Pieces of Advice for a New Mom


When I got pregnant with my first baby my Mum couldn’t believe the amount of baby books, baby equipment and other items I was supposed to get.

“We never had all that stuff!” she told me, “And you don’t need it!”

Of course she was right and besides What to Expect When You’re Expecting which I loved, I barely read much else. Recently I was on Facebook and asked my buddies at the Dyer Faith MOPS group what they’d like to tell first time Moms. I asked them to answer the question below. Hopefully it helps new Mommas out there!  Thanks ladies 🙂

When I became a new Mom I wish someone would have told me ______________

1) Don’t sweat the small stuff because they grow up so fast.

2) Don’t count on a schedule, because once you get used to it, because once you do they will either get sick or something will change

3) 4-6 hours in a row is sleeping through the night, and don’t worry if they don’t sleep for 12 hours without waking up.

4) You don’t need all of the equipment the baby books say you need.

5) My mother did know something about babies after-all!!

6) Give yourself grace for “those” days. 

7) You’re doing fine. It’s okay to be in survival mode for a few weeks, months, years!

8) The smaller they are, the easier it is.

9) You’re not going to break them.

10) Find a local MOPS group or other mothering group and start meeting friends who are at the same stage of life.

11)  They will all need to be parented differently. 

12) They grow up, get married and give you grandchildren.

What else would you add?

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