New Coupon Booklet at Walgreens

There’s a new coupon booklet out at Walgreens and the coupons don’t expire til 6/1/10 but these are manufacturer’s coupons and could be combined with Walgreens ones. They’re only valid at Walgreens. Here’s what you can find:
  • $1 off Benadryl allergy
  • $1 off Benadryl cream, gel or spray product
  • $1 off children’s Benadryl
  • $2 off children’s Zyrtec
  • $2 off any Sudafed
  • $1 off Tylenol cold or sinus product
  • $2 off any Visine
  • $2 off Zyrtec 12 ct or larger or itchy eye drops
Don’t forget about the Walgreens Healthy Savings booklet that expires 12/31/09. These coupons can be combined with manufacturer’s ones and the scoop is here.

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