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There’s a new movie out and I want to recommend it to you. It’s good to go support family friendly movies because then maybe they’ll bring more out! On that note, may I recommend Fireproof to you? It’s about a heroic fireman (Kirk Cameron) in a failing marriage who takes up his father’s challenge to be part of a 40-day experiment designed to teach both husband and wife the real meaning of commitment.
A reader, Kimberly from NC, offered to review it for us. Thanks, Kimberly!

“This was a great movie. Anyone who is married or ever plans to wed should see it. It is my understanding that a church in Georgia made this movie (they’ve already made 2 other movies) that have a Christian theme. That said, they used a lot of volunteers and the small movie crew worked for discounted rates to get this movie out. Some of the acting may not be the absolute best ever, but it doesn’t affect it in a bad way because of the great message of the movie.

There are some hilarious scenes and some very touching scenes. My church showed us some clips prior to this movie’s release and that really got me hyped to see it and I’m so glad I did. My husband and I both agreed that this was a must see and we’ve been telling everyone we know to go see it.

To have a Christian movie out in public theaters is awesome. The main character actually gets led to the Lord by his father on the screen! The world really needs to see this! And the story line of a hurting marriage is one that everyone can learn something from. The main character learns that he cannot truly love his wife until he finds out what the true love of God is.

Go see this movie and take your friends and family with you. Especially the couples that you know are struggling in their marriage relationships.”

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  1. I saw it – it was great 🙂

    And to top it off if you’re part of the 5 buck club its only 5 dollars! I’m surprised you didn’t mention that part Clair!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Lauren Marie says:

    This movie was truly a blessing to watch! We saw it at the theatres and then we bought it! Did you know that during the 2 kissing scenes that Kirk Cameron was actually kissing his own wife or the wife in the movie was actually kissing her husband? The writers/producers wanted to make sure to uphold marriage, esp. since that is what the movie was promoting.

    This movie is definitely a must see. It was such a blessing and encouragement to watch. My husband actually bought the book “The Love Dare.” He read it and now I would like to do the same. Enjoy!

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