Natural Remedy for Baby Colds

Natural Remedy for Baby Colds

Garlic is awesome. Great to cook with and full of lots of other great properties inclduing as a natural remedy for baby colds believe it or not! In a hunt to help her daughter while she was sick my friend Susanna came across this recipe for Garlic Socks to help cure a baby’s stuffy nose. With a baby born in December I know what it’s like for my baby to have a stuffed nose and feel like I don’t want to give him medicine. That’s why I was excited she found this. She’s used it a couple of times and swears by it as it’s a great homemade remedy for your natural home!

Garlic Socks Directions

  1. Cut 2 cloves of garlic in half and gently crush using the back of a spoon or knife.
  2. Place the crushed garlic between two pairs of socks and leave on your child overnight.
  3. You should notice faint ‘garlic breath’ the next morning.


  • Make sure you don’t put the garlic in direct contact with your babies’ feet as it may hurt their sensitive skin.
  • This is great for kids 12 months and under but not as effective with older children.
  • Vinegar water helps get the socks free from the garlic smell.

Anyone else got any great homemade remedies? Shoot me an email!

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