MyPoints: Another Way to Make Money Online

Anyone ever tried My Points? While I was going through some draft posts I spotted this that someone emailed me.

If you haven’t heard about that’s another must check out site. There are several ways to earn points through the site. Just clicking on their email will give you 5 points. If you purchase anything online go through their site and earn points for shopping there. The points can be redeemed for gift cards. This year a reader received $60 in gift cards from there!

The best thing is if you sign up here then sign up for BZZ Agent, every time you do something with them you earn more points at My Points. Score!!!


  1. Mommy Brain says:

    I love Bzzagent and MyPoints! I used the points I had earned over the last year to buy quite a few Christmas presents this year. Today, I recieved 2lbs of Starbucks coffee from Bzzagent and 4 $1 coupons to hand out to my friends…and on top of that I'll get points for telling Bzz how I talked to people. It's awesome!

  2. claudine says:

    I've used MyPoints for about 6 years now and have gotten quite a few gift cards for reading emails and going through their site for shopping. Best of all, it's free. (Hint: set up a seperate folder for the MyPoints emails to go to so they don't bog down your inbox.)

    I also joined MyPoints Insiders Club for the shipping rebates. There's an upfront fee for Insiders club but it always ends up paying for itself and then some.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I use this …. I especially use this during Christmas shopping ( I hate fighting the malls) … Then I use my points to get gift cards…I love this site !!!

  4. I am also a huge fan of bzzagent while it takes awhile to get to status of getting free things once you do its great, I also got the coffee. Mypoints is sooo easy anyone can get points and if you print you coupons thru them you get points also so easy I also use the points to get gift cards to give as gifts. This christmas it was one for the teacher and one for my bff.

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