My Smartphone Takes Better Photos Than My Camera

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Savers Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

My Husband and I have been enjoying trying out the new Blackberry Z10 and are loving the camera on it. I was still of the old thinking that regular cameras took better photos than a small smartphone but after trying the Blackberry’s capabilities, I realized I was wrong! In fact, it takes better photos than my Cannon and I’ve been using it to take blog photos. For now though some fun shots of our summer break.


Chase cracks me up!  Although we have a regular pool when we put his Puddle Jumper on (highly recommended by the way) he immediately went and got in the baby pool. You can buy the Puddle Jumpers here and read all the amazing reviews.



We hit the parade with some friends after a cookout and although ya wouldn’t know it this is a pretty sad, poignant moment as the kids realize that we showed up 2 floats before the end.  Yup, not great timing from us but a cute picture nonetheless!


This was a night picture that I lightened.  I need to work out the night settings a little better.  If you’ve never caught fireflies with the kids, I highly recommend it. We had older kids squealing in delight and the younger ones squealing in fear! Fun night 🙂


Isaac is doing two soccer camps this fall and this was the first.  I love how the phone automatically takes them at a high quality – around 3000 pixels. If I did that with my regular smartphone I’d be out of space in no time and yet this one already has 200 photos on it and is still going!


Finally, some food! Hubby and I love Thai food and enjoyed a date night out with friends at our favorite Thai restaurant in Chicago – Sticky Rice.

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