My Shopping Week

For those of you who are still a little unsure as to how I actually do it each week for so cheap, I like to post piccies every now and then! Although I didn’t brave WAGS (yet!) I went to Jewel and CVS:

3 x $.99 cards. FREE. Details here.
Razor. FREE details here.
2 x Wheat Thins
Gilette shampoo. FREE.
CVS mouthwash (FREE coupon printed when I scanned my card at the front)

Cost – About $2. I paid with ECBS I had so little cost out of pocket but to me ECBS are not free moolah! Still all that stuff for $2 (and really what I paid for was the filler candy which I’ll use for the shoeboxes. If I ever need a filler that’s what I grab!)

6 x Salsa – FREE after coupon
2 x crackers
2 x Goldfish
Jell-O Pudding. FREE from Kraft First Taste here
Maxwell House coffee. FREE from Kraft.
Cascade. FREE from coupon booklet here.
Del Monte tomatoes. FREE from some WOM!
Bakin Miracle. FREE after coupon here. (Type in “Free sample”)
2 x Gum toothbrushes. $.25 after coupon and deal (10/$10)
2L Dr Pepper. FREE after this. I think it’s still available.

So, it starts to add up and although some of these things are not things I’d normally buy, I froze the salsa and will be improvising! Great deal to go with all those FREE tacos from Meijer I got!!!


  1. Have you seen the crazy catalina deal at Jewel this week? (Speaking of things that are really cheap/free that you wouldn’t necessarily normally buy…) — .

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