My Ode To CVS Rainchecks

You made a trip all the way to the store with a screaming child, scanned your card in the little red machine and had your Mummy Deals list in hand only to realize………………they were out of that item! Stink! Whatcha gonna do? Well, friends, one of the most awesomest things about my new awesomest store is that they give out rainchecks. Yup. And they. like. never. expire. Seriously!Here’s what they look like and 3 reasons you should grab one:

1) They. like. never. expire. So that in a couple of weeks when you have the night without kids and all you can think about is deals you head to CVS and cash in that raincheck baby!

2) They take it and then make it manually print the ECBS for you. My CVS staples the ad to the raincheck when they issue it just to clear up discrepancies. They also give out rainchecks for 3 day items. I know some of you have had a problem getting one for those but I don’t see anyway that it should be an issue.

3) Even if it’s for an item I didn’t really really want, I grab it. Why? On the weeks when CVS has nothing and one of your ECBS is expiring you don’t always want to “burn it” on regular items. This way you can buy the item you have the raincheck for that’s probably a FREE after ECB one and you’ll get more ECBS and will have rolled the ECB for another month that way meaning you don’t have to burn it on needless candy.  Better yet: save it til you get a coupon! Yeehaw!

YAY for CVS! YAY for rainchecks!

Republished due to popularity and my swimming pool!


  1. bonita12 says:

    I love CVS rainchecks! My store even pulls product and calls me when it comes in.


  1. CVS 411 says:

    […] This can be quite complicated until you get the hang of it so I would start out easy and build up. I will try and post deals each week and how to do them but if you need more help, don’t hesitate to email me. Lastly, when you are doing a more complicated transaction, make sure you have your coupons in good order so that your transaction goes smoothly and you get the most money off. The best way I have found to do this, is to always give $2/$10 (etc.) coupons first. Then give any other CVS coupons, then your manufacturer’s coupons. Lastly, give your ECBs as they are like cash. If you have an ECB that is for more than what your total is, they can either manually reduce it down and just take off the amount for your total (and thus you lose the rest of your ECB), or you can add on another small item to make up the difference.Don’t forget about CVS rainchecks here. […]

  2. […] 2) CVS rainchecks are great and apply even to free items meaning that next time the shelves are cleared on a deal grab a raincheck and it won’t expire. I wrote My Ode To CVS Rainchecks for you to check out. […]

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