My Neighborhood Store Saved me a Fortune

You read the title and I can hear your moan, “Clair, how can milk for $3.29 or bread for $3 save me money?” The beauty of a neighborhood store is that we’re not enticed to buy that much. You know the scoop: you need milk or eggs and run to the grocery store only to walk out having spent $60. You get mad and vow never to do it again…..until you need eggs.

It’s times like those that a quick run to the grocery store is an impulse shop to $60. I know it and I’ve done it. So much so that now I’ve decided I’ll get smart and run into a local store. That way I’m not in danger of spending too much because it all looks so expensive. But I just grab the things I need and head out.

Let’s face it, in this economy with all the “Big Bad” box stores, your local store is in danger of becoming extinct. By running in for just a couple of items you’re watching your budget and helping those stores out. A win-win if ever I heard of one. Oh yeah and the milk for $3.29? Don’t sweat it! The next post is all about why you shouldn’t go to 5 stores and instead buy the expensive milk. I know I know, it goes against everything I believe too but it just makes sense!

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