My Ink Cartridge Just Cost me a Mere $2!

Ink cartridges are expensive but Hubs needs to print a lot for work and I print a lot of coupons so instead of paying $27 for a new one, we checked out Walgreens refill service……and then they put the price up. So, last time we needed ink I tried something new. And here I am to blog it now I’ve tested it.
  1. I bought my ink cartridges from a very reputable seller on eBay. I paid around $5/cartridge with shipping included. It was super fast and they were here within days.  You can search for more here.
  2. Once they were empty, I took them to Office Depot where if you have a worklife membership (free, easy and simple) then they will give you $3/cartridge back onto a gift card when you get your “points” that quarter.
  3. Final price: Around $2.

You can also do this with Staples Rewards program here who will give you $3 cartridge and Office Max will give you $3 cartridge through Office MaxPerks here.

I want to warn you: My mother in law doesn’t do this as she’s read that the ink is not always the greatest and can mess up your printer. I just try and ensure that I buy from a reputable eBay seller and I do know that there’s a small risk involved.


  1. I refill my black ink @ Wags, but have tried the color one 2x and it did not work, so I got my $ back. When I went to refill my ink @ Office Max, the worker cracked the ink cartridge and sold it to me like that, either not knowing or? That would be one way that a refill could ruin your printer. Luckily I had ink coming off on my hand, so I did not try it, but some people might not check it as well as I did. My next place to try refills will be Office Depot.

  2. AND forgot to say, what an awesome dealio you got!! I gotta try this. I have also heard that the expired ink on ebay is fine to use too, but YMMV on that.

  3. Resweater says:

    My printer ran like a champ for 5 years, and I always bought factory ink cartridges. I decided to save money by buying a refill just once, and 1 week later my printer was dead & never worked again. I don't think it's a coincidence.

  4. McMullin's says:

    Thank you so much for posting this my computer has been out of ink for months. I have been printing from family when we visit but have missed out on great coupons for not having ink. I am glad that yours worked out I will have to try. So thank you

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