My Coupon Policy

It started off last year with this great Target coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. A friend emailed me a PDF sheet full of them and told me you could use as many as you wanted up until the date they expired. I checked into it and sure enough the coupons had been manipulated and what Target had meant for good had been ruined for everyone. A week later I was in my local Target and they had a sign up banning all internet coupons, including the ones printed right from the website.

In this day and age internet coupons are becoming increasingly popular as comapnies reach out to the millions of us online. But, there are also ways to forge this coupons and abuse them and for that reason I’ve decided to state what I believe on such practices.

I am so grateful to Walgreens and CVS for supplying all of our toiletries for years now! It’s jolly nice of them to do it and therefore I don’t want to abuse the system. Call me naive or just plain dumb but it took me a while to work out how you could abuse the systems but when I did I made a commitment not to. I mean, these stores are already giving us tons of FREE products, why abuse it? Besides, if we all abused the system in the long-run companies wouldn’t allow couponing and we’d all suffer. The best coupons out there are Bricks ones as they only allow you to print 2 per computer which helps matters greatly and is hopefully something companies will continue to use.

I am new at this too and sometimes I make mistakes and inadvertently and unknowingly use a coupon I shouldn’t have. But in general I stick to this:
* PDFs are not acceptable. Anyone can manipulate them.
* I will only use a coupon for exactly what it states on there including watching if it’s one per person and the date it expires.
* I won’t try and use a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon together if it specifically says not to.
* I will use the utmost integrity and honesty when couponing/shopping because above all else it’s what I feel Jesus would do and in all of this there’s only one person I’ll have to answer to.

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