My 2 Year Old is a Frugalista Already!

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Have you heard this in your household yet? “Pleassssssssse Mom? EVERYONE else is wearing them!” If you haven’t yet, it’s likely you will someday fairly soon.

Right now in our house it may surprise you to know that clothes come from 3 main places: Children’s Place, Old Navy and OshKosh. What won’t surprise you however is that they didn’t come directly from the store but rather garage sales or thrift stores.

While I love my son to look good, I don’t have a spare $500 to drop each season on clothes and from the age of 0-2 he grew so much every couple of months that sometimes he’d wear an outfit twice and it was already history. Instead I prefer the gently used kind.

In my teenage years I may have been embarrassed to have been found in a thrift store, now I’m older and have wised up to the whole reuse and re-purposing that goes on at thrift stores. In fact, my dear friend and I go at it like it’s a national sporting event, wondering who can get the best deals. Inevitably we each leave with a bag full of gently used, new-to-us outfits that cost around $10 and will last a season.

My favorite pastime though has got to be garage saling. Cheaper than a thrift store (no overhead) and usually in better condition, I get giddy when spring rolls around and people start having sales. As well as getting out in the sun, it’s a blast wandering around neighbourhoods you can’t afford to live in looking for clothes you couldn’t afford to pay full price for!

What about you? Garage sale or thrift store? Leave a comment and let us know. Feel free to click on my sponsor above and send a FREE ecard from JuiceBox Jungle to your friends!

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