Mums: Do You Fake a Bowel Movement to Grab 10 Minutes of Free Time?!

Oh yes I did! I know my Englishness can’t quite believe it but yes, we’re going “there.” There is the potty. A while ago I read an article about women who faked a number 2 just to get 10
minutes alone in the toilet away from everyone.

I didn’t believe it was possible.

Until Isaac got old enough to open doors and one night Tim yells, “Honey are you ok in there or are you just reading a magazine?”

Stink! I’d been caught out! The seat was down and there I sat…….reading.

It’s hard to get 10 minutes of alone time isn’t it? 10 minutes not filled with, “Mum can you….?” “Mum I need …..!” So I’m wondering………

Have you ever faked a bowel movement to get some time alone? Leave a comment and let us know. Apparently this is a phenomenon!!!

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