Mummy’s Meal Swap: Lynda’s Baked Ravioli

Ever wanted to prepare some meals ahead of time so that on a busy night you had meals ready to cook in a pinch?
Ever wanted to get new recipes and try new foods without having to get all the ingredients?
Ever wanted to take the stress out of cooking?

If so join us this Wednesday for Mummy’s Meal Swap! It’s really simple: gather 1 or more of your friends and ask them to bring a meal. If you’ve got two people coming tell them to make 3 identical meals. Then on Wednesday we’ll all swap meals, gain recipes and have a blast doing it. You’ll walk away with new recipes and the best bit yet? I’m gonna provide the recipes!

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Here’s Lynda’s recipe for Baked Ravioli:


  1. If you freeze this, what would the cook time be once it’s frozen?

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