Mummy’s Meal Swap 4/18/12

Ever wanted to prepare some meals ahead of time so that on a busy night you had meals ready to cook in a pinch?
Ever wanted to get new recipes and try new foods without having to get all the ingredients?
Ever wanted to take the stress out of cooking?

If so join us this Wednesday for Mummy’s Meal Swap!  It’s really simple: gather 1 or more of your friends and ask them to bring a meal.  If you’ve got two people coming tell them to make 3 identical meals.  Then on Wednesday we’ll all swap meals, gain recipes and have a blast doing it.  You’ll walk away with new recipes and the best bit yet? I’m gonna provide the recipes!

I’m hosting one at my house and as we’ve got a bunch of kids, we’re choosing just to make the meals ahead of time and bring them on the day ready to be swapped.  Of course they’ll all be freezable meals that can go right in your freezer and taken out instead of the take out!

So, who’s in?  This is gonna be IRL (with your pals), URL (online together) and maybe even VIRTUAL (I may take videos from the kitchen to show you our dishes!)

Recipes to come:


  1. I love meal swaps. I feel like I have accomplished so much in a short amount of time. Lasagna and chicken tetrazzini are two of my go to recipes for a meal swap!


  1. […] Join us 4/18/12 for another swap where I’ll provide recipes and you can join in and follow along online! Check this out and then visit our events page on Facebook for more details. MOPS groups, you could do one as a group, if you do I’d love to hear stories! […]

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