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Welcome to my little corner of the internet! Let’s face it: you’re reading it wondering how in the world a British girl ends up in America! Am I right?!

I came to America in 1998 to intern at CBS Chicago and fulfill my goal of being a famous anchorwoman before moving to Brazil and working with street kids down there. Yup, that was my goal but God’s plan was a little different. While over that summer I met an amazingly handsome, funny, and charming man (aka Tim) and within a day of our first date we knew we were going to get married. Crazy right? After that I went back to England for 4 months to finish my college, returned and we then got married 8 months later in 1999 and settled in the Chicago Burbs.  Tim and I have a box of actual love letters! Nope, not a bunch of emails and texts but handwritten love notes from our first 4 months of dating.

We both knew we wanted to go oversees as missionaries and so in 2003 we moved to a place in the north of Thailand called Chiang Mai where we lived for 3 years and loved every minute. That’s why I blog recipes like this Slow Cooker Thai Curry.

I’m still a missionary in my heart which is why I’m hugely involved with blogging for Operation Christmas Child. Each year Tim and I host a huge packing party and try and pack 1000+ shoeboxes.  One year I even got to go on a trip to deliver boxes to kids.  Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

We returned home in 2006 and gained my US Citizenship and then had Isaac. I’m not going to lie. Adjusting to life as a stay at home Mum was harder than jetlag to Thailand (12 time zones away) and I reallllllllllllllly struggled in the beginning with my identity. When he was 6 months old I bought diapers for 20 cents a pack using coupons and rebates and shocked my friends. They told me I needed to start writing about it so Mummy Deals was born. It gave me an outlet for my writing and allowed me to connect with adults on a daily basis.

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In 2010 Monkey #2, Chase, was born and we finally found out what people meant by a very. mellow. kid!
In 2016 we added a little girl, Gabriella to the mix!

In 2013 as Isaac prepared for kindergarten I really felt God talking to me about homeschooling. After rejecting homeschool as a crazy thing for several years I tried ignoring it but when fall rolled around I took on the challenge of homeschool and we’re loving it. Read my story!

About the Blog

When I started blogging I was a deal blogger writing tons of coupon matchups and how you could get things for super cheap. But here in Chicagoland we live in an area with no double coupons and I’d get annoyed seeing people in the south showing off their giant hauls! So most of my tricks are about ways to slash your bill without tons of couponing. In early 2013 the blog took a new turn and I became more of a frugal living, DIY, slow cookin blogger who makes her own gifts and does kid crafts.

Connect With Me

Hi, my name is Clair and I’m slightly addicted to Pinterest. If that’s you, find me over there checking out new things and then creating some of them!
More of the Facebook type? That’s fine! I post hot deals I find and cute pics over on my Facebook page.

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Shoot me an email at mummydeals @ yahoo.com. I’d love to hear from you!