Mummy Hearts CVS

Why you may ask? Three simple things:

1) Their Extra Care Bucks last for a whole month so that I have good opportunity to either spend them on silly things or roll them over using them for other ECB items.

2) When you buy their ECB items you don’t pay tax. I guess I suspected this all along but can now confirm it. That means it’s completely free. Totally. Like how cool is that?

3) If they’re out of their ECB items that week they’ll issue you a rain check that never expires. Never. Which means that even in 2 months I can go and grab the items they were out of and don’t have to make a mad dash on Sunday.

Oh, CVS, how you’ve won my heart from another drugstore who hasn’t given me anything free in weeks. I feel divided and yet not. If you’re new to the Drugstore Game and just want to pick one store to “try out” CVS would be my pick right now. I may return to my first love soon but for now I’m lovin CVS.

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