Mummy Deals Second Annual Packing Party : The Numbers Are In

WOW WOW! I think it’s high time I wrapped up our Operation Christmas Child Packing Party and brought you some numbers and fun piccies. A couple of friends have reminded me that I vowed to go on “maternity leave” after the party was done and so far that hasn’t happened so I thought it was time. 🙂

So it started off on Monday night with my friend Kara doing a mini-party with her Mommy’s Turn To Wine group. Kara is like me and her ‘mini party’ ended in 101 boxes! Thanks girl!

Thanks Super Mommies!

Then we had our Second Annual Mummy Deals Operation Christmas Child Packing Party at Living Word Church in Lansing on the Thursday. We had around 25 people show up included the news who wrote this article. Very cool!

So when all was done at the party we packed 173 boxes but…………….we had so much stuff left over and donations still coming in. I decided to just kept going. I asked my Mummy Deals readers for a few more donations of mainly toys and that week Tim and I packed another 100 boxes with all the leftovers and new donations! I kid you not!!

So…..the grand Operation Christmas Child total from Mummy Deals this year was: 374!!!!!!!!!!! To me these boxes do not just represent a box but a life. A life that this Christmas will know someone loves them and more than that will be reached with the Gospel of Jesus.

These children on the other side of the boxes are very different to most of ours: they sometimes lack basic necessities like running water, food, shelter and clothing. They live in the poorest of conditions and life is hard. Just a small token of love like a shoebox can help them realize that someone truly cares. There are so many stories of whole villages who’ve been impacted through this ministry and I’m privileged to be part of it.

I love the passage in the Bible that talks about this. James 1:27 says this (from The Message Version):
Anyone who sets himself up as “religious” by talking a good game is self-deceived. This kind of religion is hot air and only hot air. Real religion, the kind that passes muster before God the Father, is this: Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight.

It’s a really hard challenge but I’m trying to work on it!

There were many other individuals who took part, in fact I estimate a total of 222 people helped out with this as well as the numerous anonymous donations that came in. I want to give mention to those below. I’m sure like me you LOVE businesses that give back so I hope if you’re in the local area you’ll support some of these great businesses below that gave donations.

Church Groups

Living Word Church and Laura Hogan
Faith Church MOPS and Susan Matthysse
Coffee Break at New Life Church , Highland, IN
Bethel Church MOPS , Lansing



My Hubby Tim who worked tirelessly and didn’t once complain we were doing more and more!
Peggy Boone
Jennifer Brooks
Molly Conley
Valerie Devries
Kara and Adam Graper and Mommy’s Turn to Wine plus 20 volunteers
Tina Hoeksema
Amy Klomp
Renee Menteer
Derya O’Keefe
Dawn Roscoe
Julie Wildman

My team on the night included about 25 volunteers and here’s a short video we put together for it.

Get ready for Operation Christmas Child 2011!

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