Mummy Deals Real Life Party

So Monday night I cooked up some little cupcakes (yeah, I really needed some help in that department but let me say they did say MD and this picture doesn’t do them justice!!) and invited some fellow bloggers/frugalites to Houlihan’s Flight Night for a MD real life party to go along with the blog this week. We had a blast and I thought you’d like to put blogs to faces!!

There’s Candi and her hilarious tales of life with 4 boys here. She’s not in any pictures coz, well, for the 10 years I’ve known her she’s never really liked that! Please pop on over to her blog and encourage her to write more frequently.
Next up is my friend, Aimee who has a personal blog that she’s hoping to give her kids one day as a tribute to their lives. She’s below left with Melissa, a true frugalite in every sense! We went out for a drink one night and you should have seen the two of us working out the best bang for our buck!

Finally is Jen who wrote the awesome guest post last week about how to buy Gymboree clothes for Walmart prices. She’s an expert on eBay selling and blogs here. Her and I had never met so that was fun. She’s bottom left with Kate, a friend who badly needed a girl’s night out!!!


  1. Looks like fun!! Sorry I missed it!! Everyone needs a little girl time now and again!

  2. Oh look. I have a giant forehead. Time for bangs. . .

    And Clair, dearie, you forgot to take a pic of the STAR of the nite! My Three Martinis!

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