Mummy Deals Practical Help for Haiti

If you’re anything like me you just want to jump on a plane right now and fly to Haiti.  You want to help search for survivors and wrap your arms around people who’ve lost loved ones.  You want to hug a child as they wonder whether Mummy and Daddy are ever coming back.  Even as I wrote that last sentence the tears streamed down my face because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from living all over the world: people are the same and kids are the same.  As I put myself in the shoes of these people in a country already so poor that many struggled to survive, I can’t help but want to respond.  Giving money somehow doesn’t seem enough and I want to get down there and hold a child.  In fact it’s made me appreciate what I have more and hug Isaac a little tighter.

It’s motivated me to find a place where we can actually give some hands on help.  Most of us aren’t in the place to fly into Port Au Prince but it doesn’t stop us from responding.  A friend of mine emailed me about her MOPS group and what they’re doing and I’m jumping on board. 

God’s Littlest Angels is an orphangae in Haiti that a lady from Faith Church in Dyer knows of.  After the earthquake they have some very real needs that I want to ask you to help out with:
baby cereal,
infant tylenol.
They also hope to assist the surrounding community with clothing, medical supplies hygiene items:
blankets and towels.

Children at the orphanage are up to age 7, so if you have clothes or shoes you would like to donate, that would be great as well.

They will then be sending the items to Colorado where the GLA home office will send a shipping container to Haiti. We are looking to get the shipping of our boxes donated, so if you have a connection, please contact me ASAP at mummydeals at yahoo

Here’s the plan: I’d like to ask you to look through your bags of stockpile/go out shopping for any items that may help this orphanage.  These are kids who desperately need our help.   Please, please, gather any items you have and then get ready to meet up.  Sometime on Thursday I will set a meeting place (dependant on the number of you coming) and we’ll give the items over to Jen who’ll then take them to Faith the next day.

Will you join me?  If you’re willing to give something, please shout out!  I’d love to get at least 20 of us together to bless these kids in their moment of need.

Another favor I want to ask is that you post this on your Facebook account, website, MySpace and Twitter page.  NWI Mums care!


  1. Thank you so much for this post Claire. I just found out that someone has offered to pay for the shipping of the items to Colorado. There was an article in the paper today about my friend, who is adopting from the orphange. They are hoping to speed up the adoption process and get their son this week. It also sounds like the orphanage really needs some supplies. Thank you for all your help.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would love to help! Just tell me where to ship the items!

    mindi_hanna at hotmail

  3. I have some stuff I could donate, but will need to know what time on Thurs and where?? Is that posted somewhere yet? – I'll watch FB.

    Heather A.

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