Mummy Deals Holiday Deals 2012

Welcome to the holiday season!  Think that it starts too early…..wish it wouldn’t be already that time of year or not… it is, the start of the holiday season and judging by the Target instore decorations and displays all over the stores are gearing up for shopping season and so is Mummy Deals.

To make life easier this year I’ve added a couple of things:

1) At the top of the page you’ll find this Clair’s Holiday Deals graphic. Simply click on it to find the latest and greatest ideas.

2) Someone way cleverer than I designed this cute photo of holiday deals, ideas, and recipes. Find Homemade Gifts, 12 Teacher Gifts Under 2, recipes, and cookie recipes there. Simply click where you want to go.

3) Please join me on Facebook because if I see a deal that I love and I know it will go quick I always add there.

4) Finally join me on Pinterest and view my Holiday Showcase for ideas, tips and recipes.

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