Mummy Deals Class at Crown Point Civic Center 3/29/10

Want to learn how to do this? My total cost was $11 (and $10 of that on diapers!!)

Northwest Indianans I’ve got good news: I’m coming to the Crown Point Civic Center and they’re giving it to you for a bargain rate: $12! I’ll be speaking from 7pm to around 9pm and will have tons of tips for you on how to save big moolah at the grocery store. If you’ve never quite understood Walgreens or want to slash your grocery bill to up to 50-75%, then this class will help you I promise. There’s more details on my classes including testimonies here.

I am so thrilled to be booking up for the spring at some awesome places where I hope to help people save lots of money on their grocery budgets. For more information about these classes or to invite me to speak, please contact me at mummydeals at yahoo dot com (take out spaces.) I’m thrilled to be invited!! I’m also now doing at home coupon classes so let me know if that interests you. I’ve been doing a lot of MOPS groups, church events and some in home parties.

At this time we do not accept online registration. They can either come into our office (1313 E. North Street ) or they can call 661-2271 and pay online with a credit card. There is however a 2.5% charge for using a credit card, so the total would actually be $12.30.

Still debating? Here’s what some people had to say from one of my classes:
I recently attended Clair’s Savvy Shopping Class, and I learned so much. The class was definitely worth the money, and you will make it back in Free products in no time. Just this week, I got $25.84 worth of products for $2.27. Thank you Clair!
Wendy B, Burns Harbor, IN

Clair has challenged me to look for the best deals each week by matching already on sale items to coupons and rebates that are available. It takes some time, but when I can pick up KRAFT macaroni and cheese for $.75 or granola bars for next to nothing, it’s worth it.
Jenn p, cedar lake, IN

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