Mummy Deals Beautified

If you’re reading this in an email you may not have noticed but Mummy Deals is easier to navigate, less cluttered and generally prettier:>) We’ve been working hard last week and this weekend to make it easier to move around for you guys so we can add a couple of great links.

There are now 6 menu buttons on the top for you to choose from:

  • About. This now includes all the 411 and how to information.
  • Stores
  • Happenings. Includes a calendar and class information.
  • Popular Topics
  • Coupons
  • Local Information. To include coupon codes and garage sale listings.

This should make it easier for you to look up information and see what’s going on. There’s a couple of things I’m still working on:
Garage Sale Listings: Coming tomorrow, information on how to advertise to thousands of bargain hunters!
Calendar: I’m working on having all the events in one place so that when I post in advance you can still remember when the deal happens!
Coupon Codes: I’m working with people to offer coupons to their businesses. If you’d like to, please email me!

On the right hand side is still the “Categories” button where you can look up things in categories.

I hope this helps!

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